Steel Buildings

If you are looking for a more permanent storage solution, then our range of high-quality Galvanised Steel Buildings could be a perfect option for you.

Using the same steel frame as our PVC Buildings, these buildings are then constructed with steel cladding as opposed to PVC fabric. This change in material make these buildings a more solid and durable structure. Even with the more heavy duty material used to construct these buildings, our innovative steel buildings are still portable, providing ease of relocation should you need it, just like our PVC Buildings.

Our Galvanised Steel Buildings are available in a variety of designs, providing unique purposes and characteristics, so at Easy Buildings, all of your needs are covered.

From Motor Display Canopies and Farm Shelters to more industrial grandiose full metal structures, we can provide buildings for both simple shelter, storage or a combination of the two. Our ease of installation combined with prices that reflect our quality materials and service, Easy Buildings is the place to go.

If you’re looking for an easy portable building then contact us to discuss the best solution.

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Showing all 3 results