Aviation & Hangars

The functionality of EBS buildings are used in many applications & often referred to as PVC
Buildings, PVC storage buildings, plastic storage sheds, plastic storage buildings, plastic cheap
sheds, prefab buildings in a variety of sectors including aviation, livestock, transport sector &
bulk storage.

EBS (Easy Building Systems) offers a wide range of pre-fabricated PVC buildings that can be
moved on easily making them an ideal option for someone looking for a portable building. With
fast developing companies & the need for urgent storage facilities more prevalent than ever,
these PVC storage buildings have become an essential part of life as space is becoming more of
a scarcity. They not only save Installation time but these excellent value comparatively cheap
plastic sheds vast amounts of money & time. Here is a list of a few movable buildings that we
can supply & fit for you.

1. EBS supplies customized PVC aircraft storage hangars around the world for the shelter and
protection of all types of Aircraft.

2. We specialize in the manufacture of PVC storage buildings for bulk storage, vehicle and
machinery storage garages or field & livestock sheds.

3. Our PVC Fabric Buildings or Plastic sheds can be produced with great value pricing and are
available in any colour. Plastic Storage sheds are easy to Install and require very little
maintenance offering a quick and easy storage solution.

If you’re looking for an easy portable building then contact us to discuss the best solution.

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Showing all 2 results